3 Brilliant Hospitality & Food Marketing Campaigns During COVID-19

Published: Jan 12, 2021

How many email campaigns have landed in your inbox recently that completely took you by surprise? In this digital age, the industry has become saturated with adverts and self-promotion. Most of the time, it can be a hard slog to recognise the best types of marketing that withhold important messages.

Amongst the virtual noise, we are pleased to say there are a few brands who have perfected their marketing campaigns this year. In a clever yet simple way, they have turned this period of uncertainty into something wonderful to witness. Here are just a few of our favourite marketing campaigns that went the extra mile to please consumers during lockdown.

DoubleTree by Hilton

When you think of the Hilton Hotel, there’s usually one thing that springs to mind. The comfort and warmth of a baked cookie being handed over as a complimentary gift to the customer. It truly is an iconic gesture. For the first time ever, DoubleTree by Hilton wanted to find a way to please guests without them having to set foot in the doorway. During the first phase of lockdown, the Hilton team shared their official bake-at-home recipe for the brand’s beloved chocolate chip cookie. This free gift means that at-home bakers can now create the warm and comforting of a hotel treat in their own kitchens. Viewers can indulge in the recipe here.

Tesco - Food Love Dedications

During a time when families aren’t able to physically be together, many are finding comfort elsewhere in the kitchen. This COVID-19 adaptation of Tesco's 'Food love stories' campaign set about to once again encourage families to unite over food. Each person dedicated their favourite dishes to people they love, shot entirely using video messaging. The reality of this campaign was perfectly launched for the Easter holiday weekend. Tom Drew, Creative Director (Tesco) at BBH London said: "Giving those who are missing their loved ones a platform to dedicate a dish to them felt like a great way to flex our existing 'Food love stories' campaign." See the video here .

Maltesers - Isolation Life

The adverts are generally known for their provocative humour and this year especially, the chocolate brand Malteasers banked on keeping their content fresh and lighthearted with their isolation life campaign. Showing a relatable side to the pandemic while reinforcing the important message of #stayhome, the short marketing ploy reinforces a spotlight on some of the day-to-day challenges facing women in self-isolation. You can always bank on Maltesers keeping things light-hearted even in the worst of times, and they did just that with this campaign. It cleverly showed the many ways people are laughing and keeping together during some of the hardest times. A plus side of this campaign - you could only see the corner of a Maltesers bag in each version of the campaign, which avoided pulling focus from the most important message.

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